Traditional Knitting - Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England - Gwyn Morgan

Traditional Knitting - Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England - Gwyn Morgan


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Trdaitional Knitting - Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England.
Patterns for Guernseys, Arans, Fairisle.
Knitting is a simple craft and the basic skill is easily acquired. It is estimated that at the present time six million people in Britain alone possess it. In recent years interest in knitting has increased dramatically, promoted by the growing popularity of craftwork and by commercial fashion designers, much of whose inspiration is drawn from the rich traditional heritage.

The British Isles have produced some of the finest craft knitting in the world, principally among the fishing communities of Ireland, the northern isles of Scotland and the east coast of England. But this tradition need not die with its originators; the beauty of Aran, Fair Isle and Guernsey designs is timeless.

This book does not provide a simple introduction to knitting; many others exist to fulfil that need. Neither is it an exhaustive study of traditional knitting. Its aim is to encourage those who wish to progress beyond the simple knitting pattern, to be more ambitious and creative in their craft.

Aran and Fair Isle garments are never out of fashion, yet prices have soared recently and the quality is often low. The true Guernsey was almost an endangered species, but in the last few years it has enjoyed a revival in popularity. This book aims to explain the essentials of these regional traditions and to show the infinite variety that can be developed within them.

Traditional knitting patterns have in the past been handed down by word of mouth and printed patterns particularly for Guernseys are not easy to find. It is hoped that the patterns published here will help knitters to discover the satisfaction that can be gained from producing these high-quality and beautiful garments.

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