Machine and Hand Knitting Pattern Design - Kathleen Kinder

Machine and Hand Knitting Pattern Design - Kathleen Kinder


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Machine and Hand Knitting: Pattern Design by Kathleen Kinder
For many years there has been a gap between hand and machine knitting, with hand knitting having a reputation for being more conservative and less adventurous. Today, as more and more knitters experiment with both types, there is a need to bridge the gap and also to give hand knitting a firm basis for future developments by introducing an internationally-recognised system of pattern notation. Kathleen Kinder does this by first exploring the history of pattern w orking in order to clear up any misunderstandings. Readers are then introduced to the concept of the pattern diagram, and to the Japanese system of pattern breakdowns. Hand knitters are shown that the principles of pattern design are the same for all knitting, of whatever kind.
Once explained, the system is demonstrated in practical chapters on exploring and mixing stitch patterns, on colour, design and the dropped shoulder line, on the fitted sleeve shape, on circular yokes and on bias knitting.  These principles are demonstrated in ten sets of pattern instructions for complete garments, presented in the economical Japanese way.

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