Inkle Loom

Product code: 0000001977-000001995

The warp is the length-wise threads on a loom, and a warp-face fabric is one that has more warp than weft (the width-wise threads). Only the warp shows on the weave surface because the warp dominates. The braids are very strong and can be used as belts, ties, guitar straps, and as trims and edgings on hand-woven garments. You are only limited by your imagination!
Although the Inkle Loom is very simple in construction, it has all the features of other looms; 
A frame to carry the warp ends 
A mechanism for lifting the warp threads 
A tension adjustment 

Weaving Width 100mm (4")
Warp Length 3.4m (11')
Width 130mm (5 1/4")
Length 640mm (25 1/4")
Height 300mm (12")


Code 0000001977-000001995
Weight 1.2kg


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