Wendy, Peter Pan, Robin

Sitting in the middle of the market, due to its outstanding value, is the Wendy collection. We think of it in two distinct parts, firstly and most importantly is the Wendy Classics. This 21 yarn range collection has established long lasting classic yarns, consisting of a mix of blends and pure natural fibres (17 of them are 75% natural fibre or higher!!!). These are classic weights and traditional twists, perfect for making the heirloom pieces knitters enjoy creating for themselves. Our Wendy Fashion is a more diverse collection, encompassing everything from all natural fibre alpaca and wool blends through to pure polyester hairy yarns, and sophisticated adult design to fun kids scarf kits.

Peter Pan:
The Peter Pan design and yarn collection is the epitome of stylish and fashionable hand knitting and crochet perfect for babies, toddlers and children. The Peter Pan DK range has an incredibly wide selection of colours from the most delicate soft pastels through to bright and vibrant fashion shades and fun special effect colours that really appeal to the fashion conscious. Peter Pan only uses the finest quality fibre blends that are known for their softness, durability and also non-allergic properties. Merino Baby DK and Merino Baby 4ply, recent additions to the range, break with tradition as they are 100% pure merino wool. With a multi-end “Italian twist” construction these two yarns are now the flagship of the range and offer incredible softness with amazing stitch definition.
The Robin collection of yarns offers knitters truly outstanding value at modest prices. The majority of the collection is 100% acrylic. The Robin collection is one of the largest of its type offering a fantastic range of shades as well as ranges of neps and fashion yarns. We only use the finest quality materials available be they wool (and we only use British Wool in our Robin yarns), acrylic, nylon or polyester.

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