Repair and Servicing of Knitting Machines
Current Price List

full service Identified repair only notes
All Silver, Knitmaster and Brother punchcard machines (main bed only) £70.00 + parts
£39.00 + Parts
(Subject to parts availability)

Includes Fine, Standard, DK and Chunky machines
All Silver, Knitmaster  and Brother Electronic machines
(main bed only plus see notes below)
£70.00 + parts
£39.00 + Parts
(Subject to parts availability)

Includes Fine, Standard, DK and Chunky machines.
All Silver, Knitmaster and Brother Ribbers £49.00 + parts
£39.00 + Parts
(Subject to parts availability)

Includes Fine, Standard, DK and Chunky machines
Brother Garter Carriage £49.00 + parts £39.00 + Parts
Subject to parts being available
Hague Linkers £29.00 + parts 

£15.00 + Parts


We normally service all machines at our premises and can also supply all the basic spares and parts such as retaining bars, needles etc. for hague, Brother and Silver Reed Machines. You will need to find a way to bring your machine to us for its service or repair although we can arrange to collect and return locally (within a 20 mile radius of Chepstow) and there will be a small charge for this. If you are bringing the machine to us please remember to bring all the parts including brackets and clamps, tension masts, carriages, row trippers and electrical cables and transformers.

Please note that we are unable to carry out repairs or replacement works to any electronic components of the Electronic machines and garter carriages due to the unavailability of spare parts, the age of the electronics and the requirement for PAT Testing.

However, if we are unable to fully repair a machine for any reason, we will let you know the reason and there will be no charge.

All knitting machine servicing includes dfismantling to gain access; clean; re-assemble and adjustments to timing and critical dimensions. After the service all machines are fully tested over the variety of stitches that they can produce.

A note about home made sponge bars and kits.  We are getting an increasing number of machines in for servicing with home made sponge bars fitted.  These vary in quality from the reasonably well made to complete disasters.  The disasters include draft excluder type sponge strips that have partially detached and tangled around needles and
presser springs leaving a sticky residue which takes a lot of time to remove, and sponge from kits that have not been adequately fixed leaving the needles to scrape along the metal part of the bar. I know that the replacement sponge bars are expensive but if you are in any doubt about your ability to make a competent job of replacing the sponge then go for the replacement bar - it will be cheaper in the end.